Product Care

Silver Care:

Sterling Silver .925 is a precious metal and may require cleaning from time to time to maintain it's beautiful shine. With care, your Sterling Silver jewelry will retain its beauty for many generations to come.

The first rule of Sterling Silver care is to avoid contact with salt water and products that contain sulfur. Secondly, once you are done wearing your Jewelry you should store your silver in an airtight bag or anti-tarnish jewelry box. Lastly, to keep that beautiful shine intact, use your De'Alma polishing cloth, included with your order. 

Gemstone Care:

We use genuine Gemstones in our jewelry, and love the organic variations in each stone.  We do not consider naturally occurring inclusions and “imperfections” to be a flaw, they are a part of each stones unique qualities. 

To clean your genuine Gemstones rinse them in purified water and polish them using your De'Alma polishing cloth, included with your order.