All About Larimar

History of Larimar 

Larimar is one of the rarest Gemstones on Earth, only found in one place in the World, the mountains in Dominican Republic.

A Volcanic stone, made of Pectolite and Acid Silicate, created as a result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago! It's truly amazing to ponder the fact that the series of events that created this beautiful Gemstone has only occurred one time, in one place throughout the history of the world. Amazing!

Larimar was originally discovered in 1916, when the people of Dominican Republic first asked to mine it, a request that was never fulfilled. Until 1974, when the Gemstone was "re-discovered", named Larimar after the founders daughter Larissa and the sea "El Mar", creating the name LariMAR

Larimar's beautiful colors mirror the Blue and White shades of the Ocean and Sky. Its colorations vary from White, Light-Blue, Green-Blue to deep Blue, from translucent to dark.

Larimar Metaphysical Properties 

A Cardinal Water Element Gemstone, born of Fire, one of the few stones to balance the polarities of Yin and Yang energies. 

A natural birthstone for those born when Spring begins, March 20 - April 19. 

Larimar is the embodiment of tranquil Sea and Sky energies. It's soft and soothing Blue patterns resemble sunlight dancing beneath the Caribbean waters. Bringing the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and it's healing powers to harmonize the body and soul.

A Gemstone that cools tempers, relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. Providing a powerful connection to Divine Feminine and Goddess Energy. Known to clear the path for your highest and greatest good.

Larimar is used to clear and activate your Throat Chakra, along with developing patience and calming anxieties. Often used by Singers to protect and maintain their voice.