La Republica Floreciendo

In honor of Dominican Independence Day and Women’s History Month 2021, Bloomed in Queens X De'Alma gave back to a charity that supports our community, Latinos, and of course women.

As two young girls, raised by strong Dominican women who immigrated to Queens, New York we saw first hand the grind and perseverance it takes to succeed in an ‘unknown world’. Latina Women in Action, Inc. a Nonprofit Organization based in Corona, Queens, has provided resources to empower over 25,000 women, and have assisted countless immigrant families succeed in New York. 

'La Republica Floreciendo' an artistic project by Bloomed in Queens for 2020 Hispanic Heritage month was created to honor our Dominican roots, praise the courageous women who paved the way for those who followed, and shed light on the untold history of the Dominican Republic. 

Bloomed in Queens X De’Alma curated our favorite prints of each iconic female portrayed in “La Republica Floreciendo” and donated $5 to Latin Women in Action, Inc., for every print sold, as our way of giving back to a community that gave so much to us.

Bloomed in Queens

Latin Women in Action